For a long time, I have wondered how I can make change happen in a more impactful manner. I realized that I need to look deep within myself, to show up, to find that story which I can turn into something capable of transforming lives for the better. I now know that my voice, my story, and your stories can be used to serve a greater purpose in our communities.

My understanding of showing up is now deeper than ever. It is to be present, to trust the process, and most of all, to be available even when you have lost all, or have no clue of your current state. In any such situation, never stop showing up for in so doing we get new perspective and continued opportunities

Walking the journey of serving the desperate poor and disadvantaged with a team if dedicated people, has taught that it is okay not to have all the answers and all I need to do is trust the process.

RAIN UGANDA team is happy and determined more than ever to stand with and for the under-served communities so that they can attain an improved service delivery. I have failed to get something better than restoring hope and that smile on a desperate soul yet I believe the powers are within us. Yes, it’s about YOU and I to repair this distrustful world and the time is now.


Dr. Samson Wamani,
Founder and Director,