Cervical Cancer Screening and Education

The mission of RAIN-UGANDA Cervical cancer Program(RUCP) is to provide breast and cervical cancer screening and diagnosis services to underserved women, to provide public and professional education, and to support community partnerships to enhance region wide cancer control activities in the districts of Budaka, Mbale, Kibuku and Namutumba. The goals of the program are:

  • To reduce breast and cervical cancer morbidity and mortality through early detection, public and professional education, quality assurance, and surveillance.
  • To provide breast and cervical cancer screening and follow-up services to low-income women
  • To provide public education to encourage all women to obtain regular breast and cervical cancer screening
  • To provide professional education in breast and cervical cancer control issues
  • To provide assistance and support to health professionals and health care organizations to assure the quality of services delivered
  • To implement surveillance and evaluation systems to monitor the status of the diseases and progress of the program
  • To link women diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer to Ministry of health for Care and treatment at the Mulago National Cancer Institute.

Many of these goals are accomplished through region wide public education efforts regarding prevention and early detection. All activities address both the importance of cervical cancer and breast cancer screening.


  • Materials/Displays/Presentations
  1. oMaterials

In December, 2008 RAIN-UG prepared a Cervical Cancer Awareness compaign for women coffee farmers under Mirembe Peace Kawomera in Mbale district.

  • Displays and Presentations

RAIN UGANDA Cervical Cancer Program (RUCP) and Community Partnership conducted several education sessions in Budaka, Mbale and Namutumba with the purpose of providing public education to encourage all women to obtain regular breast and cervical cancer screening. During these events, representatives of RUCHP were available to speak with any interested members of the public individually or in a group setting.

  • “Out-Reach”Cervical Cancer Screening

In 2012, over 1441 women were screened by RUCHP. All of these women reported a history of “never/rarely screening” for cervical cancer.