Food and nutrition security

The UN made the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger one of its Millennium Development Goals in 2000. Progress has been made in the global fight against hunger in the intervening years, but the topic remains as pressing as it ever was. More than 800 Million people around the world do not have enough to eat and have to go hungry. Around one billion more suffer from undernourishment – so-called ‘hidden hunger’. Their diet does not provide them with enough of the essential nutrients suck as vitamins and minerals that they need, leading to sickness, and irreparable damage to their health. This is more pronounced in families with patients having HIV or Cervical Cancer.

Bringing this situation to an end remains high up on the list of development goals that the global community has for 2030. RAIN UGANDA is willing to scale up interventions that will ensure the poor and disadvantaged children, women and elderly have enough nutritious food to eat: improving their quality of life and giving them a chance for better health.