Legal Status:

RAIN-UG is an indigenous Non-Governmental, Non-Profit Making, Non-Denominational, Charitable Organization registered in 2010(registration number S.5914/8825) under the Non-Governmental Organizations’ Registration Statute and have renewed our license (license number 8295).

 The mission of RAIN-UGANDA is, “Providing education and screening for HIV and other specific public health concerns to those most vulnerable”.  RAIN strives to achieve this mission through community outreaches in rural villages, doing educational meetings for HIV and cervical cancer, and follow up screening for both.

We work in 8 districts of Eastern Uganda; in Mbale, Budaka, Kibuku, Namutumba, Pallisa, Sironko, Manafwa, Bududa in Eastern Uganda.


The future aim of universal health coverage (UHC) is that all people will be able to access adequate, affordable and effective health care services. That is why our health projects have the dual objective of providing medical care for people in need, and sustainably contributing towards supporting and strengthening local public healthcare systems (HSS).

We especially work to improve the provision of health care in poor and hard to reach regions by providing both preventive, as well as health promotion, and we hope to contribute towards the rehabilitation of health infrastructure. We use a variety of methods to achieve our objectives: for example, by training the local population and their leaders on preventive methods, we work with the district administration especially the health department to ensure training and support supervision for health personnel, to enable them to detect early and treat diseases or refer to specialized centers. .

We work according to the Primary Health Care concept, which understands health as a combination of physical, mental and social-emotional well being. This model also recognizes that the health status of a population is heavily dependent on underlying conditions like a good supply of nutritious food – among other things. That is why the comprehensive Primary Health Care approach taken by our programs seeks to integrate measures designed to improve these conditions wherever possible.

The Primary Health Care Concept:

We are dedicated to fighting and preventing HIV, Cervical and Breast Cancer. We offer examination, diagnosis and linkage to care services for these diseases, as well as advice and support to their loved ones for helping with care, and preventing the spread of infection.

Families affected by these diseases often suffer psychological consequences from their experiences. Our commitment to health is not confined to healing the bodies of people affected by disease, we offer a variety of psycho-social care and support measures to help them find their way back to a normal existence.